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EVE | explore the emotions in mouth-watering expressive art

The piece is a portrait from "Obsession", a series of artworks depicting a variety of common obsessions. A perfect gift for yourself or as a creative gift for people who enjoy life. See the full series  

HALF | groom and half bride, art print on premium paper

A unique art print of a figure that is half groom, half bride, symbolizing the union of two souls. Adds a touch of romance and elegance to any space. From a unique period in the artist's work. Learn more.

MIRROR | a cat looks in a bedroom mirror. Art print full of love

Colorful optimistic fine art print of a couple in bed, sleeping peacefully and harmoniously, while a cat looks at them. Adds a touch of love and tranquility to any space. This piece is from a distinct period in the artist's work. Explore more

PAPER FLOWERS | a surrealistic, happy, and colorful love story

This vibrant and surrealistic art print features a couple dancing on top of a colorful tractor, surrounded by sunflowers and more symbolic elements. Perfect for adding color and joy to any room. For the story behind this piece, click here.    

THE FIRST MEAL | Enchanting art print of a royal love story

Colorful, 360-degree art print by Sarit Rotman. Features symbolic elements for a vibrant touch. Perfect for any space. For the story behind this piece, click here.

THE OFFICE | a creative art print with a good atmosphere

A colorful and optimistic fine art print of a lively office atmosphere. An ideal gift for a boss or a vibrant addition to any workspace, adding humor and good energy.

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