Ruth, 29, suffers from eating disorders for 14 years, participant of Project 2020

“As a mom with history of eating disorders, you confront yourself everyday. The non-ending war between the monster in your head and the rationale, the responsibility, the adulthood and the endless love to those wonders your body created, the same body you are fighting for years.
I plead her to keep on fighting, never stop hoping for a normal and happy life. Just because it is possible and so right.
Two moms are sitting in a car, parked aside by the public garden, talking.

Outside the rain is pouring slowly.
Winter will soon start and with it my final painting in 2020 project.
Ruth’s painting.”
( frome the Project blog, 30/09/2014 )
Balance | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In

Balance | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In