Shiri, 22, anorexic for 3 years, participant of Project 2020

“Since the army training, she was sent to the base for 3 weeks without coming back home.
A while later, they started to notice she was losing weight. She was sent to medical check-ups since she suffered from a disorder in her heart rhythm and after they didn’t find anything wrong, she was sent to a psychiatrist…
Eventually, she was diagnosed with anorexia and was released from the army. It was her biggest disappointment and since then she keeps on disappointing. “I see all my friends finishing the army, starting university, and what about me? I’m sitting between 4 walls, and can’t release myself from grabbing the one thing I’m best at. It fills 99% of my being…”

(from the Project blog, 15/06/2012)

Lady Liberty | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In

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