Neta, 21, bulimic for 5 years, participant of Project 2020

“Neta is dependable on her parents in any possible way. Recently she started going out of her home to her dad’s office to learn about bookkeeping, which gives her a new interest. I speak and speak, hoping that something of what I say will go through, reminding her, that even though she has been sick for a long time, she is only 21…
She can still decide differently. Make a change. She looks at me with her big beautiful eyes and speaks slowly and silently.
She describes a difficult and sad routine. I asked her who she chose to share it with and was surprised to hear that she answered no one. Not her parents or friends. she is 24 hours in her head.”

(from the Project blog, 12/11/2012)

Paper flowers | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In

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