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1975 | a couple in the park. Art print full of color, peace, and love

The piece depicts a couple in love resting on a mat in a green park. A sunny summer day, a bottle of wine, and a sleeping dog with his tired ball. This piece is from a distinct period in the artist's work. Explore more

ALEX KID | PlayStation enthusiast art print by Sarit Rotman

A colorful art print of a PlayStation player, capturing the fun of gaming culture and is perfect for gamers and art lovers. Part of the "Obsession" series, See the full series

Elvis | artistic homage to the king of rock and roll by Sarit Rotman

A unique pop art portrait from the "Obsession" series, perfect as a gift for pop art lovers, Elvis Presley, and ice cream lovers. Ideal for rock and roll lovers. Learn more about the series.  

FREDDIE | kinky and colorful BDSM-themed fine art print

A colorful kinky fine art print. The piece is a portrait from "Obsession", a series of artworks depicting a variety of common obsessions. See the full series

GRACE | a unicorn, a zebra, and a love story. An magical art print

Colorful optimistic art print of a couple in bed, with a cat looking through the mirror. Adds a touch of love and tranquility to any space. Part of Project 2020. For the story behind this piece, click here.

HALF | groom and half bride, art print on premium paper

A unique art print of a figure that is half groom, half bride, symbolizing the union of two souls. Adds a touch of romance and elegance to any space. From a unique period in the artist's work. Learn more.

heads or tails | art print of a colorful adult couple sleeping in bed

An elderly couple sleeping peacefully, each in their way. Ideal for adding humor and warmth to any space. This piece is from a distinct period in the artist's work. Explore more

JOHN | colorful pop art tribute to John Lennon by Sarit Rotman

Colorful optimistic art print. Ideal for sixties lovers and those who believe in peace. From the "Obsession" series.  See the full series

JOHNSON | artistic homage to the astronaut boy by Sarit Rotman

Colorful and optimistic art print, perfect for dreamers. Ideal for those who cherish space and eternal youth. Part of the 'Obsession' series, which describes common obsessions. See the full series

JOY | a happy bride with a diamond ring. Magical pop art print

A perfect piece for any single, engaged, or happily married woman. This artwork is a portrait from the 'Obsession' series, capturing various common obsessions in a vibrant pop art style. Learn more     

KAZA | a guy in love with lots of kisses and bunnies

Colorful fine art print for dreamers and space lovers. Perfect for eternal children. Part of the "Obsession" series. Find out more here

L'CHAIM | ail with Optimism - 180-Degree Hanging Art Print

The art print depicts a skipper, an anchor compass, a ship, a moon, and dolphins. Perfect for those who love sailing, freedom, and adventure.

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