Tamar Browner, the first participant of Project 2020.

“Hi Sarit, sorry for not talking with you since yesterday,
but no doubt meeting you has made quite an emotional hurling in the most positive sense and I’m still thinking about everything that happened.
I wanted to tell you that today, after a very long time, I got up smiling and with something I call an “appetite for life”. So first and foremost, thank you…Although I know it wasn’t easy for you, the fact that I saw you in a concrete way, talked, heard, shared, and even hugged, made me realize that stories like these on healing, are a reality and not some fairy tale…
And that you can truly try and fight with all you have. I also want a family of my own with kids and a loving partner with no little demons that are living in my head. And I will conquer because it is possible!!!
(an email from Tamar Brauner).

In April 2012, a month after our meeting, Tamar died of cardiac arrest. Tamar was an anorexic and bulimic and also one of the first participants in the project 2020. She was 31 and weighed 25 kilos. Her tragic death was without any question the engine that pushed me throughout this journey.

(from the Project blog, 19/04/2012 )

Compass | 60 diameter
The theme painting of “Project 2020, an optimistic social art project” inspired by Tamar Brauner, the first participant in the project.

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