Liat, 21, compulsive eater for 3 years, participant of Project 2020

“Liat is 20 and a half, exactly half my age. She is a beautiful girl, smiles a lot, intelligent, well spoken. She is greeting me in a small house, which she shares with her mother in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. Both her parents are drug addicts and when she was 6 months old she was adopted by a family who lost their child, where she stayed till she was 5 and then went back to her mother, who was then drugs clean…

…She sits in front of me and tells me a chilling life story, describing her mother’s fight with drugs, on months when she lived at the neighbors, life at the boarding school, and the food obsession, which began 3 years ago.

A strong, brave girl, who has been raising herself for 20 years. In her room, there are childhood pictures, excellence diplomas from school, piles of books, and strong sayings she writes for herself, a daily reminder of what is a normal routine she wants for herself…”

(from the Project blog, 09/05/2014 )

Grace | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In

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