Daniel, 38, suffers from eating disorders for 30 years, participant of Project 2020

“And then she started her story. As a kid on the kibbutz, her nannies decided to stop giving her carbs. She remembers how as a 4-year-old, she didn’t understand how all the other kids eat pasta and she can’t. She keeps on telling about a complicated childhood, about her close relationship with her mother, who also suffers from an eating disorder, a disorder that accompanies them both through out the years. About how she thought her father didn’t love her because of her weight and the obsession she developed with cleaning as a result. As a teenager, she realized her only control was with food and she lost weight very quickly. Starvations that gave her satisfaction and attention.”

(from the Project blog, 27/04/2014)

Gorgeous | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In

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